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IUPUI Office of the Registrar

Resources for Academic Administration

Degrees, Minors and Certificates

Specific forms and processes are used in developing new academic programs. In most cases new programs require the involvement of central university administration, the trustees, and in some cases, the Indiana Commission for Higher Education. The forms and general processes are the same for IU and Purdue degrees. Recognizing that the review and approval process is lengthy and dependent on the schedule of IU or Purdue trustee meetings, schools requesting new programs should allow 8-12 months between school-level approval and the desired implementation of the new program for necessary campus, university, trustee, and ICHE approvals.

Development of a New Degree or Major

Development of a Certificate

Development of a Minor

Examples of past proposals

Development of New Online/Distance Education Degrees and Certificates

Request for Addition of Subplan to Official Transcript

Request to Change of Name for an Academic Unit

Request to Change Name of an Academic Program


Information for tracking the progress of proposals once they have received campus-level approval.

List of degree and certificates at IUPUI

Articulations with Ivy Tech (Passport)

Additional Resources