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Development Process for a New Degree or Major at IUPUI

1. Proposals for degrees or major usually are initiated by faculty in an academic unit. The first step in the process is for the dean of the academic unit to notify the IUPUI Chief Academic Officer of the intention to proceed with development of a proposal for a new degree or major.

2. Proposals shall be completed following the  checklist.  This includes consulting with IU's Office of University Regional Affairs, Planning, and Policy regarding budget and sources of funding.

3. When deemed appropriate by the proposing department and the IUPUI Chief Academic Officer, development of a degree or major should be coordinated with deans of affected schools, including coordination with deans of system-wide or core schools. If any areas of potential programmatic- or course-overlap exist, letters of support from the affected school(s) must accompany the proposal. In the case of Purdue degrees, proposals must be accompanied by a letter of support from the appropriate counterpart dean or department chair at West Lafayette (this is Purdue requirement).

4. Review by the Graduate School is required for all graduate certificate and degree programs represented by disciplines within the Graduate School. Professional degrees (e.g., nursing, social work, etc.) do not require Graduate School approval.

5. After the proposal has been approved by the appropriate faculty and deans within the academic unit, a copy should be sent to the IUPUI Chief Academic Officer with a cover letter requesting review and approval. This should be accompanied by the university's New Program Proposal form that serves as an executive summary.

6. The Chief Academic Officer will forward the proposal for an undergraduate degree/major to the Undergraduate Affairs Committee (UAC) for review and discussion. Prior to presentation of the proposal to the full committee, the proposal will receive a preliminary review to ensure it is complete and to identify any issues that need to be clarified. This will be done in conjunction with the proposing unit.

Following any necessary edits by the proposing unit, the proposal will be forwarded to the full UAC membership no later than two weeks prior to the meeting at which it will be considered. This will allow members the opportunity to review the proposal in advance and raise any questions or concerns with the proposing unit prior to the meeting. If significant issues exist, such as possible overlap with an existing program in another unit, consideration by the full UAC will be postponed until the issues have been resolved.

UAC also will review the proposal for academic integrity and conformity with the Principles of Undergraduate Learning as well as any ways in which the program will support IUPUI’s RISE initiative.

Graduate degrees will be forwarded to the Graduate Affairs Committee.

7. The chair of UAC will invite the originating unit to present the proposal at a regularly scheduled meeting.  Graduate Affairs also may ask the originating unit to present the proposal at the next regularly scheduled meetings of their committees.

8. Following review by UAC or the Graduate Affairs Committee, the proposal will be forwarded to the Chief Academic Officer for approval.

9.  If approved by the Chief Academic Officer, the proposal is forwarded to the Academic Leadership Council for approval (if an IU degree). For Purdue degrees, the proposal is forwarded to the Associate Provost at Purdue-West Lafayette. Following approval at this stage, the proposal is presented to either the IU or Purdue trustees.

10. Following University-level approval, requests for new degrees and most* new majors also require the approval of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE).

11. Following final approval, the Chief Academic Officer will send notification of approval to the dean of the originating unit, Office of Communications and Marketing, the IUPUI Registrar, the Director of Student Financial Services, and the Director of Admissions where the major will be coded for inclusion in the master inventory.

12. The IUPUI Chief Academic Officer's office, in concert with ALC, UAC, Graduate Affairs, and the Registrar, will regularly review this process for evaluation of results, value to the institution and compliance with institutional academic policies and procedures.

* In some cases requests for a new major do not require ICHE approval. In general, approval is only required if the program is to be listed separately in ICHE inventory. New majors in BA areas and in BS Education areas are usually reported separately; other BS majors usually not reported separately.

However, for consistency of our campus-level approval process, schools are asked to complete the program proposal form. Doing so puts program details, goals, and curricular information in a consistent format and with the level of detail needed for a thorough review of the proposal by UAC and others. It also provides the information necessary for other school to determine whether the proposed new degree has any significant overlap with their own programs.

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