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When students search for a class during registration they are automatically provided the general course description available from the IU Course Catalog.  To ensure that students are able to make an informed decision about which courses to enroll in, Faculty or appointed Administrative users have the ability to provide a more detailed and specific class description.

By using the Class Descriptions application, users have the ability to better inform students about the specifics of their particular class.

Administrative users wishing to add or edit a class description on behalf of faculty or departments must first be granted authorization to do so.  To request access, contact Student Academic Systems at  The levels of authorization are as follows:

  • All classes on all campuses
  • All classes on a specific campus
  • All classes for a specific academic group
  • All classes for a specific career
  • All classes for a specific subject
  • All classes for a specific subject and catalog number
Faculty Access Administrative Access

Detailed instructions for both Instructors and Administrators are available.  Please note users may save their work without displaying to students. When complete, click "Display to Students" box and save. At this point, students will see the class information provided from this application in place of the general course description from the Course Catalog.