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2018 – 2019 Calendar Changes due to the IU Common Calendar

The IUPUI Academic Calendar Guidelines are STILL in effect and can be reviewed here:

FALL 2018 (4188)


Common Calendar Date

Term Begin Date


Census Date


100% refund deadline


75% refund deadline


50% refund deadline


25% refund deadline


End of Automatic W


Classes Final End Date


Exams (term) Final End Date


The IU Common Calendar

Indiana University has not historically shared common calendar dates across the seven campuses throughout the state.  As a result, campuses had different refund policies, financial aid disbursement rules, drop/add issues, and other processing variations which resulted in many inefficiencies in the service that was provided to students, faculty, and staff. 

The benefits of setting select common calendar dates at all IU campuses include reducing individual campus set-up and monitoring, less manual processing, streamlined data collection snapshots and report development, and the ability to better facilitate multi-campus students and faculty.

The IU Board of Trustees approved these common calendar dates in April 2014 for implementation in the Fall 2014 term and beyond.

What dates are now ‘common’ among IU campuses?

The only dates that are now common among all IU campuses (graduate and undergraduate careers only) are as follows:

Common Calendar

Term begin date

Start of the semester*

Census date

Official date of record for reporting: Sunday at 11:59 PM following the first week of classes

Refund 100%

End of first week (as set by IU Board policy)

Refund 75%

End of second week (as set by IU Board policy)

Refund 50%

End of third week (as set by IU Board Policy)

Refund 25%

End of fourth week ( as set by IU Board Policy)

End of Automatic Withdrawal ("W on transcript)

End of Ninth week of class (Sunday)

Classes Final End Date

Date includes last weekend + Monday. Classes could end earlier but must be completed by this date

Exams Final End Date

Exams end date competed Sunday after class final end date (includes last weekend )

Summer class start date

The common calendar includes a common start date for the summer session.  Other summer dates are flexible to permit innovation and variety in summer offerings. While the summer start date is very close to the spring end date, the campus can schedule spring classes or exams to end before the common end dates, in order to create a greater gap between spring and summer terms.

*To accommodate the required number of class meetings, campuses may need to adjust begin term date for weekend and/or non-standard sessions

What dates are still unique to individual campuses?

  • sessions within the semester
  • fall and spring breaks
  • MED, DENT, LAW, and GRD1 careers
  • Non-standard and weekend class sessions may begin earlier or end later than the common semester dates, as determined by the individual campus