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Student Cross Registration
Consortium for Urban Education

IUPUI is a member of the Consortium for Urban Education (CUE) in the Indianapolis area. By special arrangement among the member institutions, undergraduate students are given the opportunity to enroll in undergraduate courses at other CUE institutions that are not available at their Home institution. Cross registration enables undergraduate students to enhance their degree programs by taking an undergraduate course at another CUE institution and receive credit at their Home institution upon successful completion of the course. Note that academic calendars for each CUE institution vary. For your convenience, here are links to CUE institution home pages and academic calendars.

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Policy and Eligibility
Eligibility for CUE enrollments shall be determined by the student's Home institution and is subject to conditions outlined below.

  • A student may enroll in a maximum of one undergraduate CUE course a semester, not to exceed a total of four courses throughout the student's undergraduate program.
  • Students may register for credit courses offered by other CUE institutions in the same term on a space-available basis.
  • The consortium is not available to students during summer sessions.
  • Students enrolling in an IUPUI course as a CUE student cannot enroll in any other course or courses at IUPUI under another admission status for the same term.
  • Students may use the cross registration system to register for ROTC courses at IUPUI without negating the possibility of cross registration in one other course during the same semester in addition to ROTC courses.

Home--Where the student is regularly enrolled
Host--Where the student desires to cross register

  1. The student is enrolled in at least three credit hours at his/her CUE-member Home institution.
  2. The student is degree-seeking or non-degree and seeking certification for teaching.
  3. The desired course is not currently available at the Home institution or is filled.
  4. Space is available in the desired course at the Host institution.
  5. The student has satisfied all the course prerequisites and/or has met the admission standards of the Host institution.
  6. Application does not automatically assure admission to the course.
  7. Tuition, where required, is paid to the Home campus.
  8. The student is responsible for payment of any additional course fees, lab fees, materials, etc. to the Host institution, where appropriate.
  9. In cases of differing academic regulations, those of the Host institution will apply.

Courses Not Included in Cross Registration

  1. Some courses that include field experience (e.g., methods courses, student teaching)
  2. Applied Music courses – including private lesson courses
  3. Independent study courses
  4. Capstone/senior seminars
  5. Tourism, Convention, and Event Management (TCEM) courses at IUPUI
  6. Kelley School of Business courses at IUPUI
  7. Overseas study courses
  8. Marian University's : Marian Adult Program (MAP) and the Online Nursing Program

CUE Registration Procedures at IUPUI

  1. The student obtains a CUE Cross Registration Application from the Cross Registration Officer (CRO) at the Home institution. At IUPUI, please request this form from or by calling 317-274-1519.
  2. The student consults with his/her advisor for course selection.
  3. The student secures signatures of his/her IUPUI advisor and dean.
  4. The student submits the completed form to the IUPUI Office of the Registrar.
  5. The CRO determines final eligibility of the student to enroll through CUE.
  6. IUPUI's CRO will contact the CRO at the Host institution to determine if space exists in the course. If so, IUPUI will send the application to the Host institution's CRO.
  7. IUPUI's CRO completes arrangements for the student and secures a place in desired class (if available)
  8. Student contacts host CRO for information about their institutional policies, such as parking regulations, student ID cards, etc., if host CRO does not provide advance information to student.
  9. The student pays any laboratory or special fees to the Host institution, as appropriate.
  10. The Host CRO transmits the official final grade to the IUPUI CRO, where it will be processed.
  11. The course and grade will appear on the IUPUI transcript as having been taken while a student at IUPUI. The grade will be included in the IUPUI grade point average.

Deadlines for CUE enrollment

IUPUI students can obtain CUE forms for fall beginning August 1st, and must return the completed form to the Registrar by August 10th. For spring, these dates are December 1st and December 10th.

Students from other institutions: IUPUI will accept forms for Fall beginning August 1st through August 14th, and for Spring beginning December 1st through December 15th.