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Deferred Grade of R

The grade R (Deferred Grade) used on the final grade report indicates that the nature of the course is such that the work of the student can be evaluated only after two or more terms. The grade R is appropriate in thesis and research courses in which the student's work is evaluated when the thesis or research is completed. It may also be used at the end of the first term of a two-term course or a course that overlaps two terms if the course is approved as a Deferred Grade course. The grade R is appropriate only so long as there is work in progress. This procedure will assure the approval of the department and the willingness of the students to take both terms of the course before getting a grade.

The instructor will submit the appropriate grade to the Office of the Registrar when the work is completed. The Removal of Deferred Grade may be done through eGradeChange in the instructor’s One.IU. If work is interrupted due to extenuating circumstances, a special arrangement between student and instructor must be made on a term-to-term basis. If a student drops out of a course before the work is complete, the instructor must assign a regular grade for the course.

Unlike the grade of incomplete, the grade of R is not subject to an automatic change to F after one year if the work is not yet completed.

Faculty Procedures to Remove a Deferred Grade of R