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Electronic Class Drop or Add - eDrop /eAdd
Information for Students

What is eDrop & eAdd?
Electronic Class Drop and Add (eDrop & eAdd) is an online workflow process that allows students to request  changes to their class schedules without having to walk paper forms to various campus offices for approvals and processing.

When is eDrop and eAdd available?
eDrop and eAdd is available each term beginning the second week of classes through the Automatic Withdrawal (Grade of ) deadline for the semester/session. The eDrop Request page will indicate which classes can be dropped through eDrop on any given day.  Click here for more information on initiating an eDrop/eAdd request.

Thinking of modifying your class schedule?  Before doing so, consider the impact a schedule change might have on your tuition and fees, financial aid, and your academic record.   Ready to drop or add a class?  Click HERE for more details.

Are any schools/programs not using eDrop/eAdd?
All IUPUI schools and programs are participating in eDrop/eAdd EXCEPT:  University College (UCOL) and engineering (ENGR) and technology (TECH) students not yet in their major departments must see their advisor to initiate an eDrop.

How does eDrop/eAdd work?

  • The date/time that you initiate your eDrop or eAdd request will be used as the official date/time of your request (to determine the appropriate refund and withdrawal grade, if dropping).  After submitting your request, be sure to print the receipt page for your records.
  • After you submit your electronic eDrop/eAdd requests, academic advisors and others (i.e. instructor of class if adding, Advisor for all students, plus International Affairs or Athletics as appropriate) will review and approve (or disapprove, if necessary) those requests using an electronic workflow system.
  • Approved drop and/or add requests will then automatically update your class schedule before email notifications are sent to your account indicating the completion of your request.
  • Until you receive confirmation that the transaction has been approved and processed, you are not officially dropped or added to the class. You should attend class while you wait for the approvals and you should prompt your instructor/advisor to approve your electronic request.
  • Effective Fall 2009, eDrop/eAdd requests over 14 days old will be cancelled by the Office of the Registrar and an email message sent to your address.

Tips  about dropping or adding a class via  eDrop/eAdd?

  • Attend and talk to your instructor about any class you would like to add before initiating a request.
  • Once you have initiated a request to add a class, be sure to prompt your instructor to electronically approve the request within 14 days.  (Requests over 14 days old will be cancelled by the Office of the Registrar.)
  • Talk to your advisor before dropping any class.
  • See the Registrar website for class drop information on required approvals, grades, procedures and important considerations (
  • For more information about eDrop or eAdd, contact the Office of the Registrar in the Campus Center, suite 250, phone (317) 274-1519 or by email at