Photo of IUPUI Students

Schedule of Classes: Departments
Spring Term 2008 (4082), IUPUI

Information on this report reflects data as of the end of the day Monday, March 03, 2008

ACE Adult Continuing Education
AERO Aerospace Studies
AFRO Afro-American Studies
AMST American Studies
ANAT Anatomy
ANTH Anthropology
NELC Arabic
ART Architectural Technology
ASL Amer Sign Lang/Eng Interpret
AST Astronomy
AT Aviation Technology
BIOC Biochemistry
BIOL Biology
BITN BioTechnology
BME Biomedical Engineering
BMET Biomedical Electronics Tech
BUKD Business Kelley Direct
BUPA Business Prof Accountancy
BUS Business
CAND Candidate
CEMT Construction Engr Mgmt Tech
CGT Computer Graphics Technology
CHEM Chemistry and Chemical Biology
EALC Chinese
CIMT Comp Int Manufactr Tech
CIT Computer Information Tech
CLAS Classical Studies
CNT Construction Technology
COMM Communication & Theatre
CSCI Computer Science
DAST Dental Assisting
DENT Dentistry
DHYG Dental Hygiene
EALC East Asian Lang & Culture
ECE Electrical & Computer Engr
ECET Electrical & Computer Eng Tech
ECON Economics
EDUC Education
EMER Emergency Medical Services
ENG English
ENGR Engineering, Freshman
F N Foods & Nutrition
FILM Film Studies
FIS Forensic & Investigative Sci
FOLK Folklore
FREN French
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
GER Germanic Languages
GRAD Graduate
HER Herron Art
HIA Health Information Admin
HIST History
HON Honors
HPER Health, Phys Ed, & Recreation
IET Industrial Engr Technology
INFO Informatics
INTG Integrated Studies
INTL International Studies
INTR Interior Design
IT Industrial Technology
ITAL Italian
EALC Japanese
JOUR Journalism
LING Linguistics
LSTU Labor Studies
MATH Mathematics
MCHE Medical Chemistry
ME Mechanical Engineering
MED Medicine
MEDC Medicine Registrations
MET Mechanical Engr Tech
MGEN Medical Genetics
MHHS Medical Humanities & Hlth Stud
MICR Microbiology
MIL Military
MNEU Medical Neurobiology
MSCI Medical Sciences
MSTD Museum Studies
MUS Music
NELC Near Eastern Lang & Cult
NEWM New Media
NSXP National Student Exchange Prg
NURS Nursing
OLS Org Leadership & Supervision
OVST Overseas Studies
PATH Pathology
PBHL Public Health
PHAR Pharmacology
PHIL Philosophy
PHSL Physiology
PHST Philanthropic Studies
PHYS Physics
POLS Political Science
PSY Psychology
PULM Pulmonary & Critical Care Med
RADI Radiology
RAON Radiation Oncology
REL Religious Studies
SCI General Science
SCS School Of Continuing Studies
SHRS Sch of Hlth & Rehab Sciences
SLA School Of Liberal Arts
SLIS Library & Information Science
SMEP State-Wide Medical Educ Prog
SOC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SPEA Public And Envir Affairs
SPHA Spea Health Administration
STAT Statistics
SWK Social Work
TCEM Tourism Conv & Event Mgmt
TCM Technical Communications
TECH Technology
UCOL University College
WOST Women's Studies

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