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Faculty Guide to the Waitlist

An electronic waitlist system is part of the registration process at IUPUI. This process makes registration and schedule adjustment more convenient and equitable for all students.

  • Up until the first day of classes you should notice no change in the registration process. If your course closes, a automated waitlist is created and students can add themselves to the waitlist. If a student drops your course, the first person on the waitlist is registered in your course and the second person on the list moves into the position of first in line. Our advice: throw away those paper waitlists.
  • It is not necessary for you to sign students into your course until the end of waitlist processing. If a student wants to add your course while the waitlist is active you can direct them to the registrar's office, no signatures required. If your course has available seats, the student is registered. However, if your course is already full, the student is placed at the end of the waitlist. If a student has an add slip signed by you, he or she is still placed on the waitlist. Signatures for overloads will be honored after waitlist processing has ended.
  • Waitlist students are placed in courses daily through the end of waitlist processing. Students can monitor their position on the waitlist giving them a good idea as to the possibility of getting into your course. If a waitlist student wishes to attend your class in anticipation that they will be placed and you can accommodate them, please do. Also, be aware that there may be some late additions to your course due to waitlist processing. No students will be placed by waitlist into open seats after the last day of waitlist processing.
  • Check the Academic Calendar to determine the last day of waitlist processing. Any students not placed by the last day of waitlist processing. would need your signature on a drop/add form to add the class should you be willing to accommodate extra students.