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Submitting Final Grades Online Using Oncourse

To find the final grades gradebook, under the Tools tab of your course or master course, click Online Gradebook(s). In the "Gradebook List", click Official Final Grades.

If you have kept grades on paper or outside of Oncourse, you may simply want to enter them manually as letter grades into the "Grade Input" field. Otherwise, you may import grades from an Oncourse gradebook. To do so, in the first drop-down menu under "Import Final Grades:", select the gradebook. Then, in the second drop-down menu, select the assignment field within that gradebook to use as the final grade. Then click Import.

Note: The Oncourse final grades gradebook will allow you to import numeric grades; however, you cannot submit numeric grades. You can either change the numeric values manually after you import them, or you can create a final letter grade field within an Oncourse gradebook before importing the grades to the final grades gradebook.

All grades to be submitted must be letter grades (e.g., A , A- , B+ ). "W" ("Withdrawn") and "NC" ("No Credit") grades are pre-entered and are uneditable.

The grade of FN should be given to those students who attended your course and their lack of attendance is the basis for a failing grade. If you enter a grade of FN, a last date of attendance must also be entered into the Last Date Attend field.  The system will not let you enter a date in this field that is not within the term begin and term end dates. This should be the last date you can document that the student attended class (last class attendance, last quiz or exam taken, last log on to Oncourse, etc.) The grade of FN will be treated on the transcript in the same way we handle the grade of F. The student will not see the FN.

If the student never attended the class, enter a grade of FNN. It is not necessary to enter a Last Date of Attendance with the FNN grade. The grade of FNN will be treated on the transcript in the same way we handle the grade of F. The student will not see the FNN.

Other valid letter grades are I ("Incomplete") and R ("Deferred").

To save a final grades gradebook in process, at the bottom of the screen, click Save. When you are sure that you have given a letter grade to each student and are ready to submit your grades, click the Continue button. You must then click Submit Final Grades to Registrar to confirm, or Cancel to abort.

Note: After submitting your grades, you must contact the registrar directly to make any changes.

After confirming, you will see a confirmation number and date/time stamp at the top of the screen. You may also export a copy of the submitted grades as an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the Export button.

For questions or support for the Oncourse final grades upload, contact the support desk:  (317) 274-HELP.

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