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Submitting Final Grades

  • According to IUPUI Faculty Council guidelines, grades are due to the Office of the Registrar 48 hours after the examination.
  • In compliance with University Faculty Council Policy (FN Non-Attendance, March 1999), faculty members are required to differentiate students who fail a class because they quit attending from those who failed the class on merit.
    • FN should be assigned if student failed because they quit attending
    • FNN should be assigned if a student failed because they NEVER attended
    • For more information or detail on how to grade these students, click here.
  • Final grades are submitted by faculty through an on-line process.
  • Canvas: Grades submitted via Canvas may be uploaded directly from your Canvas gradebook and then submitted to the Registrar. Grades submitted by
    8:00 p.m. will be posted overnight and available to students in SIS from One.IU the following morning.
  • One.IU/Faculty Center: Grades must be submitted to the Registrar no later than
    8:00 p.m. to be posted overnight and available to students in SIS from One.IU the following morning.
  • Students view official grades in SIS from One.IU - Go to Student Center, My Academic 2, View Grades.

Spring Term 2018 (4182)


Grade Submission Dates

Final grades rosters available via Faculty Center and Canvas. Submitted grades will be posted overnight and reflected to students the following day.


48 hours after final exam - Faculty Policy deadline for grades to be submitted.


Courses, Grades and GPA statistics available on official transcripts.


The last automatic nightly scheduled posting of final grade rosters.


Faculty who submit a late grade roster must contact the Office of the Registrar to manually post the grade roster.


Note: Once grades have been posted, grade changes may be made via eGrade Change.