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Grades - Grade Forgiveness

IUPUI has created a policy to establish an effective way to encourage capable, mature undergraduate students to return to IUPUI when they have achieved poorly during an earlier attempt at higher education within Indiana University. This policy is not available for graduate students or students seeking any second undergraduate degree.

Forgiveness is not available to students in all schools. The individual schools have the authority to honor or not honor the policy and to set stipulations on any student who is granted forgiveness. A student granted forgiveness in one unit might have that forgiveness revoked upon transferring to another IUPUI School. The option only exists at certain Indiana University campuses and not at any Purdue University campus.

The general campus policy appears below. Contact the recorder of your school to determine whether or not this option is available and appropriate for you.

Application of the grade forgiveness policy is intended to assist student in successfully earning a bachelor's degree from IUPUI by impacting the Program GPA only.  Advisors can see that grade forgiveness has been applied on the Student Program Transcript under each term in which it was approved. 

IUPUI Forgiveness Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish an effective way to encourage capable, mature students to return to IUPUI when they have achieved poorly during an earlier attempt at higher education within Indiana University. The spirit of the policy is to provide a fresh start for Indiana University students in the same way accorded to students who transfer into IUPUI from other universities.

  1. The IUPUI Forgiveness policy applies to former IU students pursuing a first undergraduate degree who have been away from the IU system and have not attended any other college or university, including any campus of IU, for a minimum of the last three years. Each school may set a longer minimum if it so chooses. This policy first becomes available to students returning to IUPUI in the Fall of 1996.
  2. Schools retain the right to grant forgiveness to their degree-candidates. Consequently, students must confer with each school about its specific policy. If a student changes schools, the new school may choose not to honor forgiveness granted by the student's previous school and may choose to count all courses and grades for purposes of admission to the school, granting of honors, or of meeting the minimum grade point average (g.p.a.) required for conferral of the degree; the cumulative program g.p.a. would thus once again include all courses previously forgiven.
  3. Students must make application for invocation of the policy upon application for admission to a degree- granting unit. If the student has not yet been admitted to a degree-granting unit, the student should submit a notification of intent to petition for academic forgiveness as part of the academic advising process.
  4. The school will evaluate the student's transcript. If the petition is approved, all courses taken previously will remain on the permanent record. Only courses with grades of A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, P, and S may be counted toward degree completion, though the value of these grades will not be calculated in the student's cumulative program GPA. The school may establish guidelines which define a g.p.a threshold above which a student may not petition for forgiveness.
  5. If the petition is approved, the student starts with a cumulative program g.p.a. of 0.00 after which all the rules of academic probation and dismissal for the school will apply. After approval, the student must complete a minimum of 32 credit hours on the IUPUI campus after his/her return in order to meet the graduation residency requirement.
  6. If the petition is approved, the dean of the school granting the petition has the authority to impose stipulations or conditions for continued enrollment of the student and may delegate to readmission committees or other administrative officers authority in these matters.
  7. Forgiveness may be invoked only once. The policy is not available to a student pursuing a degree after a first baccalaureate degree, regardless of the level of the second degree or where the first degree was awarded.
  8. Invocation of the forgiveness option does not preclude a student from using other available course-specific grade replacement options for work taken subsequent to re-enrollment.
  9. Forgiveness is only available for courses taken at Indiana University. Schools retain the right to consider records of performance from other universities in determining admission to the school, granting of honors, or other matters.

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Student Affairs Committee (1/24/94)
Academic Affairs Committee (1/24/94)
Academic Policies and Procedures Committee (10/13/95); clarified language (1/22/97)
Chief Academic Officer (10/26/95)