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How to update your gender status

Because IU respects that for some students, gender is fluid and subject to change, you are free to change your gender on record if you do not identify with it.  Just ask.

Send us your documentation
Submit your documentation in person during normal business hours or via e-mail at IUPUIREG@IUPUI.EDU. Updates to your record usually take about a day, but may take longer depending on the time of year.

Note: If you’re a student employee, please make your request by contacting Human Resources Administration (for hourly and nonacademic staff).

What we need from you
IUPUI accepts a signed statement from you requesting that we change your gender. Because the Department of Education recognizes only the gender designations of male and female, your record must hold one of these two binary values.

Please make sure you include your ten-digit university identification number in your written request.

We may refuse any document that appears to be fraudulent or unreliable. All documents must be in English or must be presented with a verifiably accurate English translation.