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Graduation Tips

Resources for Students

Students are responsible for the completion of all program requirements in order to receive a degree. Requirements are published in the University Bulletin as defined by each IUPUI school. From time-to-time, the schools change requirements for their degrees and students are encouraged to contact their school recorder to confirm the catalog/bulletin requirements they will need to complete.

Candidates for graduation initiate the certification process by filing an "Intent to Graduate" form with the recorder of their school. Details concerning the application deadlines of a specific school may be subject to change, so the student should contact the recorder at least one year prior to the expected graduation date.

  • Students may also review their progress toward their degree by visiting the advising link within OneStart.
  • Students interested in finding the specific date in May when commencement occurs should visit the academic calendar.
  • Students interested in more information on diplomas and how to order additional copies of their diploma should visit diplomas.

The graduation notation is posted to the degree approximately three weeks following the term's graduation date. This allows the school recorders the opportunity to review the student's complete academic record and to determine that all degree requirements have been met.  Students may order (and pay for) transcripts before that date, but they must be sure to specify that the transcript should not be produced until the degree appears. A transcript request form may be printed and mailed or faxed to the Office of the Registrar along with the required payment.