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IUPUI Office of the Registrar
Division of IUPUI Enrollment Services

Office of the Registrar Mission

The purpose of the IUPUI Office of the Registrar is to support the instructional mission of IUPUI as well as, to a lesser extent, the missions of research and civic engagement. This is accomplished by serving the needs of faculty, staff, students, alumni and the general public in accordance with academic policies and procedures set forth by the federal government, accrediting agencies, Indiana University Board of Trustees, University faculty, and the IUPUI faculty. We insure the integrity, confidentiality, and security of all education records as defined and protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

The Office of the Registrar is dedicated to providing timely, accurate, and efficient enrollment and records maintenance services in support of all credit instruction at IUPUI. We continually strive to improve our services related to course scheduling, space assignment, student enrollment, grade processing, maintaining student demographic records, managing an automated degree progress system, publishing the campus bulletin, official enrollment certification, transcript production, degree processing and statistical/ad hoc reporting.

Office of the Registrar Vision

The Office of the Registrar commitment is to excellence in achieving the IUPUI mission of teaching and learning, research and creative activity and civic engagement. To accomplish this, we work closely and with a collaborative spirit with all University departments based on principles of, responsiveness, accountability, efficiency and good stewardship. In this partnership, we make available continuously improving services through a dedicated and skilled staff assisting in the enhancement of both student information systems and services.

The Office of the Registrar is committed to challenging ourselves to ever-increasing levels of efficiency and effectiveness in our work, seeking improvements in systems and practices for ourselves and for those we serve. We maintain an environment in the office and on campus that encourages growth, stimulates creativity, supports academics and engagement, respects people and differences, and promotes communications and participation throughout all areas of the University.


The Office of the Registrar services are the infrastructure of student enrollment and faculty academic performance record keeping at the institution. As such, we strive not to be in the spotlight but, instead, quietly and diligently doing our jobs to make sure all of the services we provide run smoothly and with little thought or concern from those we serve. We continually strive to think creatively, to be responsive, to act respectfully and to improve services. We receive our satisfaction from assuring integrity, accuracy, timeliness and a consistently excellent service philosophy.


How can we make things better?

What does the Registrar's Office do?

The Registrar's Office provides services to faculty and to students from the time a student is admitted through "graduation and beyond." The office maintains and publishes the campus schedule of course offerings each term, manages the registration and enrollment processes each semester, and coordinates the publication of the online IUPUI All Campus Bulletin. Registrar staff assist with all of the changes that occur during a student's career including but not limited to changes of residency for fee-paying, school/major, names, addresses, updates to enrollment status, and reinstatement of enrollment at the institution. It is the Office of the Registrar that assigns registration appointments, coordinates enrollment activities, manages a degree progress system, and oversees faculty grade roster creation/ dissemination to the academic units, and grade collection so that students may see grades in SIS through One.IU and request transcripts that include final semester grades. The Office of the Registrar also certifies enrollment status for loan deferment and insurance purposes and accepts and processes all transcript requests from current and former students. When students approach graduation, the Registrar's Office works closely with each academic unit to certify degree requirements have been met, orders diplomas and supports commencement activities. Faculty rely on the Office of the Registrar to maintain an accurate academic calendar, record of courses offered, teaching assignments, classroom facilities utilization, class enrollments, student personal demographic information, grades awarded for academic performance and degrees conferred.

Primary Responsibilities of the Office of the Registrar include:

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Support

  • Analysis and information retrieval services
  • New application system enhancements
  • Leverage available technology

Academic Calendar

  • Semester begin and end dates
  • Drop/Add refund dates
  • Class withdrawal deadlines
  • Final exam dates
  • Final grade dates

Academic Programs and Majors

  • Inventory of approved academic programs
  • Degree system coding

Academic Progress and Degrees (Diplomas)

  • Academic advising report operational expertise
  • Academic advising report coding assistance
  • Academic advising report training
  • Assist schools with tracking student degree progress and degree conferral
  • Diploma ordering
  • Commencement activities

Academic Record Maintenance

  • Faculty record of student performance
  • Faculty policy decisions
  • Compliance with institutional, campus, school policy

Academic Support and Reporting

  • Academic Advisement/Degree Progress Support Services
  • Repeat Course Exceptions
  • Grade Forgiveness processing
  • eSpecial Credit
  • Student Exception Degree Support Services
  • Academic Unit operational reporting
  • Enrollment information and analysis
  • Academic unit operations support

Access to Academic Record Data

  • Student record data manager
  • Authorize access to student record
  • Training
  • Compliance with federal and state law

Course Offerings, classrooms, curriculum

  • Course offering planning and analysis
  • Availability of class offerings each term
  • Waitlist management
  • Classroom scheduling
  • Priority registration dates
  • Final exam scheduling

Enrollment & Persistence Support

  • Class enrollment audit
  • Class Student performance rosters
  • Student performance reports to assist in early intervention

Grade Processing

  • Grade policy implementation
  • Grade roster creation and dissemination
  • Grade submission
  • Grade change petitions and approvals
  • Grade Forgiveness

Residency for Fee-Paying Purpose

  • Initial residency determinations as set by Board of Trustee policy
  • Participate on University residency committee

Student Services

Enrollment Certification & Transcripts

  • Student official enrollment certification for loan deferment, car and medical insurance, good student insurance discounts, medical claims, child care reimbursement, etc.
  • Current and former student transcript requests

Registration and Scheduling

The Office of the Registrar works very closely with individuals in the schools to schedule, maintain and post the list of classes offered each term. These courses are updated on close to a daily basis and the current list is available at the Registrar website for use in student registration. Registration, drop/add activities include:
  • term activation
  • registration appointments
  • enrollment overrides (time conflict, maximum/minimum hour limits)
  • immunization compliance
  • audit registration
  • pass/fail options
  • temporary intercampus transfers
  • waitlist processing
  • enrollment verification audits
  • eDrop/eAdd information or processing in-person drop/add forms
  • military withdrawals

Student Personal Record Maintenance

  • Name, address, phone, etc. updates for students may be completed online using IU's student self service applications. If the student is also an employee, certain updates may need to be made in conjunction with the Human Resources department on that campus.
  • Class, school, major information
  • Student immunization data
  • Residence classification procedures
  • Third Party Access via Onestart
  • FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act)
  • Restriction of public student information
  • Emergency Notification System assistance