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Faculty Procedure to Remove an Incomplete

To change a grade of I (incomplete) to a standard letter grade, you should initiate an eGradeChange.

  1. Log into One.IU with your user name and password
  2. In the Search bar, type egrade change and press ENTER
  3. Click on the eGrade Change (Faculty) task
  4. Complete the required information and submit for approval.
  • If the student is completing the work for another instructor by attending your class, provide the appropriate grade information to the original instructor. He or she is responsible for filing the eGrade Change request.
  • If in the rare case that the incomplete will need to be extended past the initial one year period, submit a grade of IX on the eGrade Change. This action will block the automatic change to F after one year.
  • If the original instructor is no longer with the campus or is unavailable (such as on sabbatical), provide the necessary information to the department chair. He or she will file the form on behalf of the original instructor.
  • If the student decides he or she wishes to withdraw from the course rather than complete the work, the eGrade Change will also be routed to the student’s dean for approval.
  • If the entire class completes the work at one time, you may submit the original grade roster in lieu of individual eGrade Change submissions.

If an eGrade Change to remove the incomplete grade cannot be submitted (should be rare occurrence), paper forms (called ‘Removal of I or R Grades’) can also be picked up from your departmental or school recorder’s office.  Complete the form and return it to the Office of the Registrar through the mail or in person during our office hours. Do not give the form to the student to deliver to us.