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Grade Replacement Policy

The IUPUI Grade Replacement Policy (formerly known as the FX policy) was revised effective with the Fall 1996 semester. The new policy will allow approved undergraduate students seeking their first baccalaureate degree to repeat a maximum of 15 credit hours subject to school/division approval. If a student chooses to repeat a course and achieves the same or higher grade, only that grade will be counted in the cumulative GPA. Certain restrictions apply and the grade replacement policy may not be honored by some IUPUI schools when considering admission to the school or in computing graduation honors. Please contact your school/division for more information on the grade replacement policy and to determine if this option is available to you.

It is the student' responsibility to notify the school recorder that the course has been taken a second time and that the student wishes to exercise this option for the first grade. Replacement does not happen automatically.

This policy is not available for graduate students or students seeking any second undergraduate baccalaureate degree.

IUPUI Grade Replacement Policy

The purpose of this policy is to allow students who have done poorly in a course to repeat the course and remove the weight of the earlier grade from the student's cumulative grade point average. The committee sees this policy as an expansion of the current Faculty Council policy by extending the replacement option to courses in which students receive any grade rather than just grades of F. Grade replacement is seen as a reasonable option for a student who, new to higher education, had a less-than-optimal start and is trying to get a second chance. This is why the new policy is limited to undergraduate students seeking their first baccalaureate degree.  Schools retain the right to consider the student's complete academic record for purposes of admission to the school, granting of honors, or in meeting the minimum GPA required for conferral of the degree.

  1. The effective date is the beginning of the Fall 1996 semester. Any course being used to replace an earlier taking of the course must be taken in the Fall of 1996 or later.
  2. The provisions apply to students pursuing their first undergraduate baccalaureate degree only.
  3. A student may exercise the grade replacement policy for a maximum of 15 credit hours. The 15 credit hour limit includes any course previously replaced using the FX policy.
  4. Grade replacement replaces use of the FX option. Grades previously granted FX will be honored subject to #3 above.
  5. A student may exercise the grade replacement policy no more than two times for a single course. Each attempted replacement will count towards the 15 credit limit.
  6. Once invoked, a student may not subsequently request reversal of the grade replacement granted to a particular course.
  7. Any grade may be replaced. The replaced grade will then be excluded from the cumulative grade point average. However, the course listing and the replaced grade will remain on the student's academic record with an "X" denoting that the grade is excluded from the cumulative grade point average.
  8. Invocation of the Forgiveness option does not preclude a student from using grade replacement for work taken subsequent to re-enrollment as defined by the Forgiveness Policy.

Grade replacement is available only for courses taken at Indiana University. Schools retain the right to consider records of performance from other universities in determining admission to the school, granting of honors, etc. (Note: this assumes that if the student's initial course was taken on another IU campus, that campus has adopted the grade replacement policy and is willing to place the replacement flag on the course at IUPUI's request).

Approved by the Academic Policies and Procedures Committee with the stipulation that Academic Units will interpret as appropriate for their unit or not implement if it is not applicable and in concert with their requirements.

February 8, 1996

Approved by IUPUI Faculty Council December 5, 1996.

Policy Clarification from "first undergraduate degree" to "first baccalaureate degree" approved by the Academic Affairs Committee, IUPUI Faculty Council, 10/14/2015, effective Fall 2015.