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IUPUI Office of the Registrar

Resources for Faculty

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Summer 2018 - FLAGS - Student Performance Roster Due Dates
Feedback Type(s): Purpose Regular Session First Summer Session (SS1) Second Summer Session (SS2)
Attendance, Trends, FLAGS, Recommended Actions - First submission by this date noting Attendance at a minimum but preferred that other student performance feedback also be included. After this date, student performance feedback may be submitted as often as needed. Attendance verification/compliance and Advisor intervention with students at risk First submission requested:
May 15 - 22
First submission requested:
May 15 - 22
First submission requested:
July 2 - 09
Administrative Withdrawal option available - Found under "Student Attendance" Roster after refund period ends For All Undergraduate Courses! Notify Registrar to administratively drop student based on attendance beginning on this date. Tuesday,
June 5
May 22
July 09
Administrative Withdrawal due date to notify the Registrar
For All Undergraduate Courses! Notify Registrar to administratively drop student based on attendance by this date. Monday,
June 25
May 31
July 18
Verify student attendance or non-attendance
For all students in all courses - Undergraduate, Graduate, Law, Medical, Dental
IU Faculty Council Academic Policy compliance. Tuesday,
June 26
June 1
July 19

* The Administrative Withdrawal Policy covers all classes that meet at least 6 weeks. Due to the nature of various non-standard sessions, if you are unable to indicate administrative withdrawal for non-attendance for a student from your student performance roster, contact the Office of the Registrar (

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs - Chief Academic Officer
Data Breach Protocol
Faculty Appointments and Advancement


Academic Calendar
Events at IUPUI
Recorders' Calendar
Religious Holidays Policy
Campus Closings and Emergency Information
* A number of schools and offices maintain their own calendars

Code Descriptions

CIP codes
Degree Programs
Visa codes

Contact Information

Office Holiday Hours

Course Remonstrance

Home Page - (CARMIN)
Special Topics/Variable Title Course Policy

Course Scheduling

Building the Schedule of Classes
Course Scheduling Reports
Scheduling and Use of Instructional Space
Schedule a Room for Meeting or Special Event
Standard Class Meeting Times - Fall and Spring Terms
Summer time modules
Textbook / eTextbook Information

Enrollment, Waitlist & More

Academic Advising
Audit Policy
Check Enrollment and Room Assignment
Class Descriptions Available for Student Registration
Departmental Course Textbook Requests
Experiential/Service Learning Courses
Faculty guide to Waitlist Processing
Late Registration and Drop/Add
Loading Enrollment Authorization
Student Success Initiatives
Tutoring - Free Departmental
Waitlist Statistics

Submitting Grades and Grades Policies

Submitting Final Grades
Change of Grade
Deferred Grade of R
Grading Scale
Recording Experiential Learning Notations
Faculty FAQ on IU FLAGS


Class Roster via One.IU
Faculty FAQ on IU FLAGS
Final Grade Rosters
Export Class Roster Including Email Addresses
Start of Semester
Student Performance Roster
Submitting Final Grades


Indps. Ethnic Restaurants, Markets, and Festivals
Department of Intramural/Recreational Sports

Professional Development

Academic Affairs Faculty Development Programs
Center for Teaching and Learning — CTL
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Tutorial
Human Resources Administration
International Affairs
Office of Professional Development
Research and Sponsored Programs
IT Training and Education Programs

Related Items

Faculty Satisfaction Survey Results
NCAA Compliance


Academic Calendar Guidelines
Academic Credit
Adding Notations on Official IU Transcripts
Administrative Withdrawal
Bloomington Academic Guide
Course Policies
Dealing with Student Academic Misconduct
Fall Break Policy
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Final Examination Policies
IU Academic Handbook
IUPUI Faculty Council
IUPUI Portfolio
IUPUI Supplement to the Academic Handbook
IUPUI Tobacco Free Policy
Official Enrollment for Class Attendance
Programs Involving Children
Purdue University Regulations
Religious Holidays Policy
RISE Challenge
Special Topics/Variable Title Course Policy
Student Information and FERPA Tutorial
Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Information
University Faculty Council
Zachary's Law (Sex Offender Registry)

Student Issues

Academic Misconduct
Adaptive Educational Services
Career Center and Internships
Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities & Conduct
Communicating with Students by E-mail
Counseling and Psychological Services
Dean of Students
Student Advocate
Student Health Insurance

Weather and Emergency

Adverse Weather Information
Emergency Procedures