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IUPUI Office of the Registrar

Resources for Recorders

Academic Unit Reporting | Calendars | Code Descriptions | Contact Information |
Enrollment and Waitlist Information | Forms | Policy | Procedures | Related Information | Schedule of Classes| Weather and Emergency

Academic Unit Reporting

IUIE Help documents
  • Frequently Used_reports
  • Schedule of Classes Reporting 4078
    Schedule of Classes Reporting 4082
    FAQ - Accessing AU Reporting by Month
    FAQ - Advanced Logic aid
    FAQ - Derived Enrollment Status Definition
    FAQ - How to upload person ids into IUIE
    FAQ - Commonly Used Tables for AUR web area


    Academic Calendar
    Events at IUPUI
    Recorders' Calendar
    Religious Holidays
    Campus Closings and Emergency Information
    * A number of schools and offices maintain their own calendars.

    Code Descriptions

    Academic department codes through 2004
    Class standing through 2004
    School codes through 2004
    Visa codes
    Degrees, Programs, Certificates, Minors

    Contact Information


    Enrollment and Waitlist Information

    Enrollment Reporting
    Archived Enrollment Reports
    Authorization and Restrictions
    Loading Enrollment Authorization
    Waitlist Statistics


    Program/Plan Stack Maintenance Form
    SIS Request Form
    Description of Available Forms
    Release of Student Information Consent Form
    Rescind Prior Consent Form
    Grade Forgiveness Form


    Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Tutorial
    Student Records Retention Schedule
    Communicating with Students by E-mail
    Course Policies
    Grade Forgiveness Policy
    Grade Replacement Policy
    GRAD Experiential Learning Policy
    Posthumous Degrees
    RISE Challenge
    Special Topics/Variable Title Course Policy


    Campus Closing and Emergencies
    Emergency Preparedness
    Final Grade Submission Dates and Deadline
    Summer deadlines for Grad and Undergrad Careers

    Related Information

    IUPUI Staff Council
    Staff Satisfaction Survey Results
    IUPUI Tobacco Free Policy

    Schedule of Classes

    Building the Schedule of Classes
    Honors Class Request Form (Honors College Only)
    Textbook / eTextbook Information

    Weather and Emergency

    Adverse Weather Information
    Emergency Preparedness