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Foreign Language Course Offerings

Searching IUPUI Course offerings requires knowledge of the subject area and the abbreviation for the subject, or subject code. Courses for languages in Arabic, Chinese and Japanese have not yet developed into programs (but can be a focus of an Individualized Major Program) can be found under the subject East Asian Language & Culture (EALC) and Near Eastern Language & Culture (NELC). Classical Studies (CLAS) includes courses in Latin and Greek and World Languages and Cultures (WLAC) includes World Languages & Cultures and translation courses . World languages courses offered in American Sign Language/English Interpreting, French, German, Italian, and Spanish are listed by specific subject code.

Subject Code Subject Area
ASL American Sign Language
CLAS Classical Studies
  • Latin
  • Greek
EALC East Asian Lang & Culture
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
FREN French
GER Germanic Languages
ITAL Italian
NELC Near Eastern Lang & Cult
  • Arabic
SPAN Spanish
WLAC World Languages & Cultures
  • Translation Studies