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Special Credit / Credit by Examination

Academic departments at IUPUI on a case-by-case basis, may grant students course credit based on demonstration of proficiency in a particular discipline. A personal skill, talent, job experience or other experiential based proficiency may be considered in the evaluation process.

Each department establishes the appropriate academic standards and methods of evaluation. In general, students may be required to sit for an exam, complete an assignment, audition or provide a portfolio to establish their level of skill. Some departments also may require that a student take additional, typically more advanced, courses in the discipline before awarding the introductory or lower level credit.

In other cases, instead of processing as special credit, the department may simply waive the requirement that the student take that specific course. However, overall degree requirements (total hours) remain and students complete another course in order to satisfy the overall requirements. For more information, contact your school Recorder.

Departments generally grade the work S for Satisfactory or choose not to award special credit. In exceptional circumstances, an A may be awarded if it is deemed outstanding.

If special credit is to be awarded, students must complete a Special Credit form with the department awarding the credit. The department will forward the form to the Office of the Registrar. The credit is posted to the student’s academic record by the Registrar’s Office and a copy of the Special Credit form is sent to the Office of the Bursar to determine the required fee per credit and the total amount to be billed. Once the Office of the Bursar makes this determination, they will post the charge to the student’s account. Check One.IU to verify the posting of the grade, the account charges and your addresses.

Special Credit appears on the transcript for the semester it was awarded. The heading "Indiana University Special Credit" accompanies the course information and grade. The transcript heading will be the same regardless of the student’s IU or Purdue degree program and regardless of the Purdue or IU affiliation of the department awarding the academic credit.

Assessment of special credit fees

If special credit is awarded as a result of credentials or experience, a charge of $20.00 per credit hour will be assessed, up to a maximum of $100.00 per course.

If special credit is awarded as a result of examination:

  • ...and the application is processed for new students within the first three semesters following initial matriculation (regardless of campus), there will be no charges assessed.
  • ...and the application is for a first semester transfer student, a charge of $20.00 per credit hour will be assessed.
  • ...if neither of the above apply, the special credit as a result of examination be assessed the current credit hour rate based on the student's academic program and residency status
  • *The date used to determine the student's status is the date the Special Credit form is processed in the Offices of the Registrar and Bursar. Current special credit fees (as outlined above) are charged in cases where the examination was taken in a preceding year.


Unprocessed Special Credit forms expire six months from the date of issue.