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IUPUI Textbooks

The Barnes and Noble at IUPUI bookstore is responsible for coordinating the collection of textbook and other course material information from faculty or department coordinators each term.

The bookstore makes requests to the faculty for textbooks/course materials information early with a targeted submission date that is PRIOR to student registration for that term. The dates for textbook submission are as follows:

  • Fall term = mid-March
  • Spring term = mid-September
  • Summer term = early February

These submission dates reflect compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act requirement that textbook information (and pricing) be made available to students when they register for classes to the extent practicable. When students register for classes, there is a link to the Barnes & Noble at IUPUI bookstore where the student may review any submitted textbook information and associated costs for each class.

Faculty or department coordinators with questions about textbook submission should email or call 274-4131. Faculty or department coordinators may provide textbook information to Barnes & Noble @ IUPUI from the following location selecting the faculty link:

IU has signed agreements with various publishers to deliver eTexts for students on IU campuses.

  • If faculty choose to use an available eText for a class, all students in the class will be charged a set fee and a notation will be made on the class PRIOR to registration so that students will be aware at the time of registration.
  • All submissions for eText books must be completed and approved PRIOR to Registration for the relevant term.
  • For complete information about the eText initiative and for faculty to determine if there might be an eText available for your class, visit this website:

Important Things To Know about eText

  • Student Focus
  • eTexts available through the IU eText Initiative are accessed via Oncourse. Once a student signs into Oncourse, and accesses the course section using eTexts, they will see a tab for Courseload on the left side of the page. Clicking on this tab will provide students access to their eTexts.
  • If you are having trouble signing into Courseload, first, make a quick change to your Web browser's configuration. (Instructions here: If you are still unable to sign in, please contact the IU Support Center
  • If you have questions about how to best use the Courseload software to utilize your eText, individuals at the teaching and learning centers and the IU Support Centers are available to answer your questions and provide guidance.
  • There are also instructional videos located at that illustrate how you can use the Courseload software to get the most out of your eTexts.
  • Faculty Focus
  • eText requests can be initiated by the instructor of record listed on the Schedule of Classes or a designated eText Coordinator (as reported by Department Chairs).
  • The eText request is available in Faculty Services through One.IU. The eTextbook Coordinator will log into One.IU, click in the Search box and type, etext and press ENTER. Click the IU eTexts Adoption task icon.
  • A new 'Platform Fee' will be assessed to students for each class having an eText at the rate of $1.65/credit hour. This fee covers the cost of the necessary Courseload® software which allows students to access course materials anytime, anywhere with any digital device.
  • eText Coordinator submission will immediately post to Schedule of Classes – unless instructor is going to be receiving royalty from the eText. These will require additional level of departmental approval.
  • Basic information about IU's eText initiative:
  • Current available Job Aids Available include:
    eTextbook: Initiating an eText Request

For general questions or issues while completing an eText request, please contact
Questions about security and/or access to initiate eText request should be directed to Melissa Pollauf, Associate Registrar, at or 317-274-5084.