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Transcript Explanation

Transfer, Test, and Special Credit

Courses accepted in transfer from other institutions are listed under the appropriate headings. No grades are awarded and the course numbers and titles reflect Indiana University equivalents. Transfer hours and quality points are not reflected in the cumulative grade average, nor do they appear in the "Hrs Earned" field. The total number of transfer hours on the record does appear in a separate transfer hour category in the grade point average summary. A course suitable for credit which does not parallel an Indiana University course at the campus of evaluation may be designated by a course subject followed by “UN” and a number indicating an equivalent Indiana University course (class) level. For example, HIST-UN 200 represents a 200 (sophomore) level History course. Applicability of accepted transfer credit toward a particular degree is determined by the Indiana University school or division offering the degree program. Credit awarded as a result of placement tests, credit by examination, or successful completion of a higher level course may be reflected as Special Credit with a transcript note or may appear as separately designated “Test Credits.” See the appropriate school bulletin for more detailed information.