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Official Transcript

Transcript Elements

The Office of the Registrar maintains the student's official academic record. A printed or on-line version of this record is more commonly known as a transcript.

The transcript contains the following information:

  • The student's name and address.
  • The student's Indiana University identification number.
  • A list of all courses taken at any campus of Indiana University, including any courses taken through the IU Independent Study Program.
  • All credit and grades awarded.
  • A list of all courses taken at other universities which were accepted for transfer credit (without grades displayed)
  • Any special credit awarded by Indiana University.
  • Any IU degree awarded to the student along with the degree date.
  • Any Purdue degree conferred at IUPUI and awarded to the student along with the degree date.
  • The student's semester and cumulative grade point averages and earned hours.

If a student attended Indiana University for undergraduate, graduate, and professional work, all courses will appear on the single record.  Separate grade point averages are maintained for work taken as an undergraduate student, graduate or professional student.  Separate transcripts may be requested.   Note:  Transcripts reflect coursework as enrolled and completed.   This may result in undergraduate courses being included in a graduate GPA if the student took the courses while enrolled as a graduate student (and vice-versa).

A student who attended more than one campus of Indiana University may request a transcript from any one of the campuses. Click here for a list of IU campus Registrar offices.

All courses taken at IUPUI, regardless of whether the student is pursuing an IU or Purdue degree, are recorded on the IU record. IUPUI shares enrollment information, including courses, grades, and degrees, with Purdue University for any IUPUI student major from the School of Science or the School of Engineering and Technology.  At time of degree, and only at time of degree, a student has the option of requesting a Purdue University transcript from Purdue University, West Lafayette. This step has been taken to ensure that a complete record of all IUPUI courses and grades appears on the Purdue University transcript.

To receive a copy of your transcript, all financial obligations to the University must be clear/current. This includes your account with the Student Account Services (317) 274-2451 or Student Loan Administration (812) 855-4511. If you have any past balance due with any of these offices, there will be a "hold" on your record and we will not issue your transcript. If you think you might have any past debt to any of these offices, please contact that office for clearance before submitting your transcript request.